Friday, October 13, 2006

On a lazy Friday night

A month has passed and a lot has happened. First, I just want to say that 'Hope for the Flowers' has just ended. It means there are no more rehearsals for me. On one hand, I finally get to have time for myself and the people around me. However, I started missing some of my castmates. That is the reason I have been planning these lunch outs with some of my close friends in the cast. We had two lunches so far and that's good. :D

Next, I finally settled things with my ex-enemy and we're okay now. I think we communicate better compared to my other friend, if i say so myself. This leads me to think that I know so many people but they're just that. There's nothing going on with them.

I realized that I keep on complaining about how I have so many shallow relationships. Then I realized, it's because I never really did anything about these friendships or what have you. I just let them rot there and hope they can float on their own.

Anyway, the main point of this entry is how I get to hang out with my group in the cast. The thing is, I'm the only third year student there because everyone is first year. Oh well, at least everyone thinks I'm young. Fine, it's either that or I'm just the same height as some freshmen. Haha.

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