Sunday, October 15, 2006

the nineties

Man evolves. But to add to that, the things that makes man entertained evolves. I could remember listening to any pop song that gets into the daily Top 20 of MTV Asia Hitlist or (I know you know this) Vid-OK countdown on SKy Cable channel 19. It was then replaced by MYX (without VJ's). Then after that, we have the entertainment we have now.

I have been downloading the different pop songs that I used to enjoy when I was a kid. Yes, I do not use the radio anymore. No more recording of FM stations. And, I get the lyrics from the net not by the 'pause and play' method. Haha. Anyway, what's funny about all these 90's songs is that I still know their lyrics. That just shows how I was so into the 90's pop era. From the Backstreet Boys to Aqua (I dare not name the other bands that would make me look really baduy... as if I'm already not by saying Aqua).

I liked the nineties and how it was all about having fun in music. We were happy go lucky people who just cared about the catchiness of the tunes. But now, we have engrossed ourselves in depressing songs (heartbreaks, longing for someone, etc.) that make us feel bad about our own situations. I don't know, I guess the music we have goes with the mood of the whole country.

Wow, from music to country... only in this blog.

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