Thursday, October 19, 2006

a semester in review

The semester has FINALLY ended. Did I get the grades I wanted? No. Did I get the grades I deserve? Yes. Did I have fun? Yes... considering that I didn't exert any effort and got to accomplish things not related to academics. And, I got to have totally new experiences.

So what happened during the sem? Hmmm...
1. I was able to have a close relationship with my Biology peers. We went out almost every weekend. I love them (Queens on Fire and Group Pic). They rock.
2. I spent a lot of time out with my two drinking buddies. And I always seem to be the entertainment of these two. Haha.
3. I got to join a play which is a wonderful experience. I met new people and better yet, I have another set of friends (The Gang). They rock too.
4. I got to hang out with different people sa bench. The bench peeps are wonderful. All the eating and sometimes, the stupid conversations. Or just chilling... relaxing. Makes you not want to study anymore. Haha.
5. I patched things up with an ex-enemy. Booya.
6. I hated my course more. Why am I here? Oh yeah, I'll be a doctor someday. Pfft.
7. I hated philo... then loved it... then I'm now neutral about it (depending on the final grade).
8. I just spent the whole sem in my chillax mode... no studying... great.
9. Started my private journal that I write on occasionally. Just pure realizations, experiences and observations.
10. I drank my heart out. As Merc's book says, 'there is too much blood in my alcohol system.' Booya.
11. New friends like Merc and Tina. :p
12. Lost contact with my faith. Pfft.

Central theme: Change within my inner self and expanding my horizons.

Was it all good? Well, I wouldn't really exchange my experiences for anything since this is what made me, me. But, could it have been better? Yes, I don't deny that. But it is my journey so I have to face it. 'Til next sem.

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