Thursday, October 19, 2006

as Daniel Powter says...

I had my worst day yesterday. That day just sucked. It seemed as if I was one of those people that have been picked to be super unlucky just for fun.

Here's what happened:
1. I woke up and opened my computer to get pictures from my multiply. Then I find out that the phone is down. So much for DSL.
2. I went to school to just use the CTC computers so that I can transfer my pictures to my camera. Uh... I couldn't transfer it for some reson I don't know.
3. The person who borrowed my oh-so-precious grammy jacket texted me to tell me she lost it. She said she was going to pay for it. She did... after waiting for her for 3 hours.
4. I was playing with my cam and the cover falls off and I couldn't find it na.
5. I got a C+ in my orals because I didn't practice.
6. I went to People are People to find the same jacket... out of stock.
7. I went to F&H to find a jacket like that... no size.
8. I went to check my ATM account... it got depeleted to a measly 500 pesos. Glitch daw. It's back na.
9. I got home to find out na no internet pa rin.
10. I was throwing my handkerchief towards my bed... and for some reason, my thumb gets into the electric fan (uh... my thumb has this minor cut... haay)
11. At 10, I finally got to study theo... and I fell asleep.

I just slept and woke up hoping for a better day.

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