Friday, October 27, 2006

stuff that I have in my mind

Everytime i watch grey's anatomy, I can't help but feel emo. Dang. It's like I can see my destiny as some doctor stuck in a hospital for hours trying to learn the most that I can from one shift. And there's the part where I wouldn't get to hang out with my friends that much anymore. For me, that's the suckiest part of it all. I would only get to see them siguro twice a month and more than that if I'm lucky. Boo, that sucks.

So there. I'm guessing I'd have like my friends cut down to just three groups. bio peeps, bench peeps, and my group in rep. Booya! Wait, I forgot my group who I'd probably meet in med school (crap... getting to know na naman). I love being a pre-med student... well... uh... not really. Booya!

On another note, I’ve just had one of those reflecting days that I usually have from time to time. It started out with a statement that a friend of mine said. It went some thing like ‘Give me one friend of blah blah who doesn’t backstab blah blah.’ And I was stumped by that statement. It was so true that I had to reflect on it. What I realized is that I do get to diss this ‘friend’ of mine from time to time. And what’s bad about this is that everyone is doing what I’m doing (which means everyone disses my friend).

Now, I can say that I never diss on my friends (with blah blah as the exception). If that’s the case, then is blah blah really my friend? I really don’t know. I want to consider blah blah as a friend but it doesn't mean that it is the case. I'll just go with whatever.

By the way, the new albums of John Legend, JoJo, and P. Diddy are very good. They’re my favorite albums of the moment.

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