Sunday, October 29, 2006

the (insert name) day project

I was just reading the caterpillar card my friends gave me. It's funny how I can't turn it over because of my ugly picture which they put as the caterpillar head. Haha. You have gotta love them for doing that. The messages each put were very unique from each other (which made it even more meaningful). Anyway, the basis beyond Jay Day is that we (Mel and I) wanted a day wherein people would make us happy for a whole day (and not get one year older). But of course, it's kinda impossible to make someone happy for 24 hours so we put it down a notch by making the person happy sometime during the day.

Anyway, we're already done with Ann, Paul, Shar, and Me. So that leaves Mel, Carla, Jordan, and Obe. I guess I have plan one of those people's day. And it's supposed to happen within this year. So we've gotta work it (in its literal sense... baah... it doesn't even make sense). Hahaha.

And after this year, a new year comes our way. Wohoo! Another special day for me.

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