Friday, November 03, 2006

hosting and stuff

I went to meet with some people regarding this debut that I am supposed to be co-hosting with two other people plus a DJ. Haha. The debut seems to be fun since we have to dress up in formal clothes (blazers and all that) but we have to be in denim pants. Anyway, the people I met with have this company that kinda organizes events uch as concerts, functions, or such events. And they're telling me I should try hosting to earn money while I'm young. Actually, that's not a bad idea if I think about it. Everything is about experience and I need as much exposure as I can get. Booya!

Anyway, I just feel like I am in such a wrong course right now. But on the other hand, I think I'm gonna regret not pursuing my current course. So there. I guess the entertainment side of my life will just be a sideline. You know what, this is a good thing. At least the medical side of my life is getting a little sympathy from me. I'm not shutting it out as much as before. Why? 'Coz a lot of my friends are telling me to pursue it. Great.

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