Saturday, November 11, 2006

name game

Okay... i missed this. but i just want to write about it before I prepare for my hosting job. If you call me...

RJ: You are one of my uncles or aunts (father's side)
Kuya RJ: You are my cousin (father's side)
Rafa: You are either my teacher in art during fourth year high school or Uzzi
Raf: You are either my high school tennis coach (Gee) or one of my teammates in HS
Carandang: You were a grade school classmate
Jacob: You have been a classmate of mine in high school
Jay-R and B: You are either Bym or Paje
Puzzler: You are David (high school classmate)
Loser/Pangit: You are David (college buddy)
J-boy: You are my high school classmate, my uncle or aunt (mother's side), the friend of my high school classmates, one of my college friends who find it cute to still call me by that kiddie name (Chols, Mags, Kor, Paul, etc.)
Bata: You are Ann who thinks I'm a kid
Usher friend: You are sanndra (you rock! hahahha).
Jay: You are my cousin (mother's side), a college friend, or rep person

So there... I especially like Jay-R and B, J-boy, Puzzler, Usher friend and Bata (kidding about the bata).:p