Sunday, November 05, 2006

on sundays

For most people, Sunday is family day. But for me, it's the day I'd rather be away from my family. I hate it when I have to go to mass just because (yes, that's the reason... just because i have to). I've told them time and again that I do not want to go to church because I'd end up daydreaming and not listening to whatever the priest is saying. So in other words, it's useless.

Anyway, Sundays would usually mean having arguments for the longest time until either me or my dad gives up. But since we both think we're right (eventhough he's not... haha), we end up not resolving the issue. This means that we just can't wait for the next week to have another fight. Gaaahhh... I'm hating this day. I'm not ranting about my current situation. I'm just telling a story. If words can shout... these words would be popping out of the screen right now.

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