Tuesday, November 07, 2006

auditions and having a grudge

Auditions are coming soon (as in 4 days away soon). Me and mah friends are preparing for it already eventhough there's like three of us (from last sem's play) who are auditioning. I don't know if there are others but that's who I know so far (i'm considering those whom i'm close to in the previous cast). So there. We have been looking scavenging for minus ones from 12 til now because we just found out we can't sing a capella. Hahaha. Booya!

I already got my songs so it's all good. I'm nervous. Sana I get in 'coz it's like a big thing. And it being a big thing is a big thing for me. Haha.

On another note, watched The Grudge 2 with some friends. Man, was it freaky. I hate that movie, my friend and I were freaked in a lot of parts. I hate those ghosts. I even imagined them last night. I'm such a child

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