Saturday, November 18, 2006

tribute to the first years

I just realized that I haven't really written about them so far. Thus, I decided to write about them. Haha. Okay, the usual group consists of six people. These are the people who are always present when we go out. But there are others who also come at times so that makes us like around eleven.

I have to write about this 'coz I find it freaking hilarious.
1. I have a bet with two friends from BS psych on who will get the highest QPI. So basically, the one who gets the lowest QPI will be called 'bobo' for one sem. It's just so sad to be called that. Haha... but we find it funny (considering it's someone else who gets called that).

2. The six people who I said normally came (including me) have this BEAM challenge. It's where you sing the BEAM theme song without laughing. And we invented different levels for it. As of now we have four and I'm the only one who has reached the fourth level. Basta... it's really really funny. A while ago, we were doing it in the middle of G4 while waiting for the sundo to pick us up. Wahaha.

3. Okay, I just have to say that we are all 'makapal' and we can't back out on dares. Backing out on dares is just a no-no. Anyway, while we were in timezone, we decided to play pranks on people. There was this guy who was playing the basketball thing and two friends of mine went up to him to ask if he was LA Tenorio. Then these two friends of mine would shout that LA Tenorio was there. Then the rest of us would go to him and ask him for autographs. I was the one telling them to take a pic with the supposed LA guy. Haha funny. We also did one on a guy playing a boxing game (Manny Pacquiao anyone?).

4. We were in the MRT and since it was a long trip there, my freaking kulit friend suddenly wants to form a circle an sing. Uhhh... so we did. We had our circle and we were singing HSM songs and even Christmas songs. Hahaha. We also dared each other to shout "Go Manny!" or "Para Sa'yo and Laban na Ito" or "Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!" Just so you know, we actually did it. Oh yeah, we also said goodbye to everyone who was leaving the train (and hello to the ones entering). They must have thought we were crazy. Haha.

5. Oh yeah, instead of watching Casino Royale, we ended up watching Huwag Kang Lilingon. 'Coz they thought the Bond guy was ugly. 4 girls on 2 boys. We lost. Haha. We ended up shouting the whole time.

So there, we actually did all that in a day. My crazy friends are the best. They're just as crazy as me which makes it all the more better.

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