Sunday, November 19, 2006

gambling isn't all that bad

Here we go peeps! I have bets with different people just make me motivated for the sem to come. Woohoo.

The one with paul and jordan is just about being DL. Nothing is really hanging on the line. It's more of a deal between people.

Next, we have the one with Karen which she is currently backing out on 'coz she feels I might actually get higher then her this sem (as if that's gonna happen). Anyway, it was supposed to be that the loser treats the winner to dinner in Circles. Hahaha.

Last, we have the one with Mian and Bym where the one with the lowest QPI gets to be called 'bobo' for a sem. Isn't that dandy and fine huh?! Wahaha.

So that's all for now. Oh yeah, I'm having a difficult time deciding on what songs to sing for the auditions. This is freaking crazy. Crazy I tell you! Crazy!

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