Thursday, October 19, 2006

semestral break!

Woohoo... come on! Sem break is here. Let's do it! Party na. I'm excited.

Tomorrow's a start. I'll be going out with my gang in the cast. We're having lunch then watch our first movie together. Woohoo! I'm excited. This was supposed to be for Sab's despidida... but she won't be able to come na yata. She's inggit daw. Haha. Next time na lang Sabbie!

After that, it's off to Tagaytay with my drinking buddies. Saturday to Monday. Ahlavet. I think there'd be 9 of us. It's another fun two nights of being sabog and all that. I can't wait.

Then, I'm off to a movie with Chengster to try out that new mall. Haha. We'll see if anyone else wants to join us. That'd be fun. We're planning to do a movie marathon in someone's house pa. Yey!

Then, I shall have my second hosting job. It's for the experience. But I'm kinda nervous 'coz there's gonna be a lot of Ateneo peeps. Haha.

Oh yeah, I was just emailed by stages. They're gonna text me about the auditions. So two prodcutions coming up. Ahlavet.

My family hasn't planned where to go yet for the sembreak. I don't wanna go anywhere far. Haha. Coz I'm sure I would be missing a lot of inuman sessions. Haha.

That's it. This sembreak looks promising as of now. Ahlavet.

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