Saturday, September 09, 2006

after rehersal events

Today, I got home at 7. Yes, 7 in the morning. Why? Because we went out after rehearsals. The after rehearsals dinner and drinking was fun because I finally got to bond with my castmates outside of rehearsals. You realize that these people do the same things that you do (which makes it more fun) and it's funny you only meet them later in life. And you know that moment when you tell yourself that you wanna hang out more with these people because you guys seem to click. Well, I think it happened again to me. The most fun part is when, after all the drinking and dancing, we just stayed at one of our friends' house and chilled there. We were just playing board games/singing to different songs and waiting for the sun to shine. Haha. It was really cool that we were just at the third floor of the house with nobody in the house except us. I'm sure there would be more nights like that. It really had a fun time.

But for this entry, I just want to point out the realization of constantly finding new friends and how nothing is permanent. Fine, you get to keep some of them but you never get to keep all of them. But would it still be the same if it is not complete? Maybe it is. I want to believe it is. I do not want to write such realizations because I don't want the idea of impermanence to be permanent.

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