Monday, January 02, 2006

technology and the joys without it

When you are in a place where it seems that technology has stopped in its tracks, you are bound to live the simple life. It was not long ago when I was in a place like that. Actually, it was just yesterday. For three straight days, I had to make do without any signal for my phone (no happy new year messages and whatever message i would have received), no computer, no television, no radio, and even no newspaper. It seemed as if I was on an island when in fact I was on a mountain. I was so helpless to the point that I would tell my cousins that we should just roam around the village and look for ghosts. Technically, we were in a village with a population of... my family. So, it was not surprising to find ghosts (it was in Mt. Samat).

Anyway, we did not find ghosts and I am not gonna invent one just to make this entry interesting for whoever reads it. The main point of this entry is that I have realized that I am, as I would say it, techno-dependent. Not having ym for a few days because of a virus drove me nuts so what more if it were me not having anything that speaks by itself. It drove me crazy. It was not an enjoyable time for me and it was all because of my techno-dependence.

This is when I realized that I did not go to this vacation to have a bonding session with the television, computer, or the radio. I was there to celebrate the New Year with the whole 'angkan.' This, I guess, is the point of it all. I always look for things which I think would be a joyous celebration of the season. When, in fact, it is the simplicity of celebrating the season which makes it more meaningful. The season has ended and it will be another five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes before I feel that season again.

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