Saturday, January 28, 2006


Remember when you had your firt grade school experiment on polarity where you were tasked to observe the two magnets that were being moved closer to each other. That was probably the first time you have heard the statement 'Opposite charges attract and like charges do not.' Well you see, today I've realized how different my brother and I are. We are total opposites. Even my friend told me so.

While I play sports under the scorching sun, he prefers to bask 'under' the television's radiation in hopes of doing nothing. While I sing my lungs out to different types of music, he prefers to just etch away and draw whatever it is he wants to draw. While I do stuff to groom myself (buy clothes and other stuff), he prefers to just wear whatever is there and look like umm... himself. While I am studying Biology in hopes to be a doctor/chef, he prefers to enroll himself in Fine Arts major in Advertising.

Fine, that was a good enough choice considering that there might be some future in advertising for him. I told him to pursue it because it is what he loved. But then, he suddenly tells me that he wants to be a social worker. What?! It's like going through pre-med and then ending up as a chef (which sounds kind of familiar). But the point is that social workers end up telling themselves that they are fulfilled even though they are not. They pretend that all their hardwork has been well-compensated for and they couldn't ask for more. Right... whatever.

Am I being mean for even thinking that the only way one can be happy with life is through monetary compensation? Maybe I'm just being practical and want him to be happy. Or maybe, I just want my brother to be, like me, someone who wants to achieve something big in life. Most probably, I won't stop this because he'll be the person my parents expect him to be... my polar opposite. And no, that is not a bad thing in this world, really.

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