Tuesday, January 31, 2006

two ideas for the day

I am losing my focus. This is the big problem with me. One sem is too long for me to keep up the momentum that I was able to generate some months ago. You see, some months ago I was doing well and my grades were very DL-able. Now, they not very DL-able, they are now just i-just-wish-they're-even-DL-able grades. Anyway, I would have wanted the sem to stop a month ago. But for obvious reasons I cannot make that happen. So let's just say that this is a good thing. What is? The fact that I lost focus for only a part of the sem. Time to step up.

On another note, today was a day of silence for me. I was not in the mood to talk that much because I did not feel like talking. This rarely happens since most people think that I cannot keep my trap shut (which is kinda true if I think about it). But today, I was able to do it. Maybe this happens during days when I just want to think. I guess sometimes, people need a few days of relaxation and with school throwing whatever in front of me, I end up with silence to relax (I know it's kind of pathetic). Tomorrow, I will talk like there's no tomorrow.

Okay... now that I think about it, that's just plain (add whatever you want to... i'm not writing it). I am silent because I have lots of things in my mind. Most of the time, I think about these things and forget about my sorroundings. Then... splat (not the appropriate onomatopoetic word), I return back to earth. Great.

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