Wednesday, January 11, 2006

remembering nostalgia

Nostalgia: a wistful yearning of the past. I have been hearing or experiencing this today so I knew it was a sign that I had to write a paragraph or two about it.

Most people, if not all, will always think about the good times that they have had when they were younger than they are now. For some it might be twenty to thirty years, while others only have to go back for about five to ten years. For me, the latter would be the case. Going back twenty years would be a stupid thing for me to do. Most probably, the only thing I will remember would be well… umm… nothing. Yes folks, nothing. And it is all because my parents haven’t met yet.

If I was to be nostalgic, I would remember so many things. I will remember the days when people wanted to be one of the Power Rangers. When most people wanted to be either the Red or Green ranger, I wanted to be the Black Ranger. These were the days when you will build a team of five and the sort of tomboyish girl gets to be the Yellow ranger while the girly girl gets the Pink Ranger.

I will remember the days when touchball was the ‘sport’ that every student would play in school every recess and lunch times. And when the fetcher of the kids weren’t there yet, they would also play during dismissal times. At the end of the day, we have kids covered in soil and perspiring like little pigs.

I will remember the days when you were cool if you had a beeper (which was not black). It had to be one of those colorful ones that you can show of in school (I never had a beeper). But then, if you had a cellphone, you were much cooler than the guys with beepers. You had that 5110 which had different express-on covers that you get to change everyday just because it was cool to change it. The coolest people would be the one with the 6110 or 6150 because they had an infrared on their phone. Infrareds are thos black things on top of their phones that they just use to play 2-player snake.

I will remember the days when baggy pants were cool and the bigger they were, the better (I never went for this fad). You could sweep the floor with them and your shoes wouldn’t be seen but you didn’t care. For as long as they were big, they were good.

I will remember so many things that I would not have enough time to think about them (I have a long test for histology lab. tomorrow). But the point is, I will always want to remember these because they make life seem so enjoyable. You remember the pathetic things at present which used to be cool, the fun moments you had with you family and friends and even the food that you loved to eat when you were a kid. These are the things that make you want to be nostalgic. Nostalgia… it will only take so long until I become nostalgic about being nostalgic.

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