Sunday, January 22, 2006

new writing music

The fact is that I am picky. I don't just read any book. I don't just eat any food. I don't just wear any shirt. I don't just listen to any music. And yet, I'm listening to something that I don't normally listen to (meaning, it's not jazz, or r&b. hahaha). It has been playing on my cd player over and over again. Surprisingly, the music is worth my money (at first, I thought I wasted money on it) and it deserves to be part of my 'music to listen to while writing.' That is a good thing considering that I find music as a distraction while writing.

Anyway, I was writing my English review paper (which is due tomorrow but I only did it tonight. this is called procrastination.) and I was just typing away because all my ideas were flowing right out of my mind. I'm not sure whether it was the music or the mind of the writer (me). But I'm guessing it's because of the music. I made that decision because when I switched to John Legend, I couldn't write smoothly. The music was very intense (although some songs were exceptions) that I couldn't concentrate on writing. So I decided to switch back so that I can write well again (which was the expected result).

So now, apart from Joss Stone's two albums and Kenny G's Duets album, I finally have new music for my writing. Yes, I'm listening to it right now while writing.

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