Tuesday, January 31, 2006

kids and adults

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an adult. I thought that by being an adult I would:

1. not have to sleep in the afternoon
2. be able to play all day long
3. be able to avoid eating yucky food (at that time, the only that wasn’t yucky were fried food)
4. be able to avoid school and studying
5. be able to buy any toy that I like instead of letting my mom buy me shirts (which I hated at that time)
6. be who I wanted to be when I grow up
7. not be bossed around by my parents
8. simply be free to do anything I want

I guess I forgot to consider something. Or maybe it just was not explained to me that adults do have responsibilities. Great. People forgot to tell me something and that something just happens to be the something that would have made me not want to be an adult. Now that I am in my ‘young adulthood’ stage, I just wish I was a kid again. If I was a kid again, I would:

1. sleep all I can in preparation for the sleepless night in the future (thank you schoolwork)
2. would play only the sports that I would play in the future (then I would actually be excellent in those)
3. eat as much non-fried food as possible to be a healthy young lad in the future (so I won’t be fat in the future)
4. promise myself that I would take academics seriously (although I do not think I failed here)
5. buy shirts so it would not be that surprising in the future if I buy clothes at a regular rate
6. promise myself to sleep so I can actually grow up and then be who I want to be.
7. follow my parents
8. be thankful that I do not have responsibilities that are life-changing

Each person has a constant struggle with regret and sometimes we wallow in them so much that we forget that we have three quarters of our life ahead of us. Today, I told myself to stop regretting and move on. It does not help that I wallow in self-pity so why do it. I’m better off having fun with I have and just work with it. So there, I love my life.

To you (in case I read this in the future so it’s really addressed to me): You need to appreciate each and everything that comes your way while you still have it.

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