Thursday, January 19, 2006

nerd is just a way of thinking

For the first time in my college life, I actually feel like I am meant to be a college student. My grades are at an all time high (A’s in all subjects except for two) and I think I want them to stay that way. Well to tell you frankly, I think no one would want their grades to be low so I’m guessing that this is the behavior that one might expect from me.

Recently, I have turned into a ‘nerd’ because I have been reading my books and taking notes as I go through them. Then, I go to the library to read some more of these books during my breaks. As far as I can remember, I have never done such a thing since I almost got a D in second year high school in a subject that I hate… biology. And surprisingly, that is my current major. Great. I guess, I just missed my old self where I got the results that I wanted in terms of everything. I had control of my life and getting the grades I wanted were part of it. This semester, I told myself that it was time to overachieve again because I knew that it was what would make me happy.

I just want to point something out. That is the reason why I am even writing an entry on my academic life. Anyway, it used to be that nerds were the losers in the campus. They were being made fun of and at times, only befriended for their talents. However, as the years passed, nerds have been accepted more in our society and that they are the ones with power in the future. The truth is, I even find that people do not respect jocks anymore simply because they are dumb. Well of course, there are exceptions. But generally speaking, jocks aren’t as well-respected as they used to be.

So why is it cool to be a nerd? As I see it, the only reason why we call someone a nerd is because of the way that person looks. For example, if a guy has braces and eyeglasses, he would already be considered a nerd even if he was stupid. On the other hand, if a guy has style (having nice clothes) and can look good (well… ummm… isn’t this self-explanatory), then even if he was very studious he would never be considered a nerd. With this being said, I think that the term ‘nerd’ only refers to the image itself and not to the real sense of it.

This is the realization that made me become a REAL nerd. I realized that even if I often burn the midnight oil (well, not really), I will never be tagged a nerd for as long as I don’t look the part. Everything depends on the image that you want other people to see. In the words of William Shakespeare (and I know this has been used countless times), "All the world’s a stage." So I say we better act the part that we want others to see.

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