Wednesday, January 04, 2006

dying to be a vegetarian

It is said that some food are acquired tastes. They are not just liked by everyone because they have a taste that is not suitable for every palate. It is common knowledge that kids hate vegetables (unless of course you were one of those kids who, weirdly enough, were born vegetarian). Even though that is the case, it is said that we outgrow that stage and then we gradually acquire the taste of these vegetables. But in my case, that obviously does not apply.

I hate their taste and it just does not help that they make be want to barf. Seriously. Just thinking of eating a crunchy green vegetable makes me want to stop and think of something else. For some sort of reason, I never acquired the taste of these vegetables. Fine, I eat these vegetables if they were put on a pizza, hamburger or some other junkfood. Why? The reason is that the pizza or the hamburger actually covers the taste of the vegetable. I mean, vegetables aren’t even sweet, so why like them?

It’s just a thought that came into my mind. I happened to eat some California Maki a while ago and expected a mixture of rice, nori, mango, and crab. But noooooo… they had to put some weird green, crunchy vegetable in it. Of all the types of vegetables you can put, they had to put a green, crunchy one. Why couldn’t they have put an onion or a pepper just to spice things up? Fine, it won’t taste good but it isn’t as if the green, crunchy vegetable was any better.

I talked to my crush a while ago about these stupid vegetables. She says that she hates them too (we removed those green, crunchy things from the Maki) and realized that she won’t survive as a vegetarian. She thought about being vegetarian over the break and realized that she would die. The case is same with me. I will die if I become vegetarian. Death by vegetables, I would say.

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