Monday, March 19, 2007

subconcious thoughts

I officially call my subconciousness thetenniskid.

thetenniskid: Ah... so may pangalan na ako?
me: Uh... obviously.
thetenniskid: is that how uncreative you have become?
me: No! You freak ass! I just want my subconcious to be well-represented.
thetenniskid: Anyway, isn't it your hellweek this week?
me: Oo, patapon mode ako e. 'Wag ka magulo!
thetenniskid: Hala baka magka-D ka ha.
me: Thanks for stating the obvious. Talino mo! Tae ka.
thetenniskid: Ima going to sleep now and dream of **** first.
me: Stop! Kadiri. You're getting me in trouble. Gah. Kadiri.

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