Monday, March 19, 2007


I realized that my biggest flaw is attachment. Once I get attached to people or things, i can't seem to remove myself from them and instead, concentrate on myself.

Back when I was in grade 3, I had a dog which I loved very dearly. It was fat, fluffy and would always follow me wherever I go. Then, my dad hit it... with a freaking car. I cried the whole day and did not talk to my dad for two days. That day just sucked.

Now, I realize that I get easily attached to the people I meet. And I think, this hinders me from performing to my true potential in school. Instead of going home, I'd rather stay in school to hang out with people. This makes consider what Dr. Bailey and Meredith's mother said in Grey's Anatomy. Dr. Bailey told Dr. Stevens not to get attached to her patients and just be their surgeon only. On the other hand, Meredith's mother told Meredith that she has lost focus all because she met someone.

I think I easily get attached to people. Yes, it makes me lose focus. But do I care? I guess I have to disagree with what Dr. Bailey and Meredith's mom said. Apart from being a student, I am a person. I care for the people around me and that in itself defines the doctor that I am going to become. If I die tomorrow, I'll be happy. If I don't, guhreat... more entries to convince myself that I'm doing fine. It works you know.

Shet, core mode na. I'm excited for EvSem.

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