Thursday, October 04, 2007

A tribute to the best people in the world

KLEEK (Aye, Bym, Jay, Mian, Oli, Sab): I don't think I have anything else to say to these people. They're my heart and soul. We are the best group in the world. It's not perfect but each one is unique and I can't ask for anything else. We have our sabaw moments and we have our serious times. Even if we never are complete during lunch outs or dinners, we still stick together. Nothings going to stop us. Dominate!! Tagal ng shirt natin. Hahaha. To more sabaw moments and bonding times. I will miss everyone once I graduate. SERYOSO! I love the kleek. We gonna KLEEK IT 'TIL WE DIE.

Ratpack (Anix, Iggy, Jay, Mica, Pam, Svet): They're fun Bio people. Nothing can beat that. It's weird that all of them came from one block and I wasn't from theirs. It was only recently that we got to hang out. And the good thing is that when we do, we have fun. To more drinking sessions (wasakan!!). Can we do our thriller movie soon?! I'm excited.

Perfect With a Bonus (Ces, Jay, Lawrence, Pauline): I just met these guys and they're proving to be a promising bunch. I'm starting to get attached ata e. Nyek. They're sabaw and they get me to cut Philo for no apparent reason but to hang out. Yehey! I didn't really think they were the ones I will hang out with in the cast but who cares. They rock and we get to eat a lot and go on adventures. UP isaw, Shakey's ice cream, Hyenas, and Drinking. I look forward to hanging out with them and start knowing them more. Woohoo!!

Yeah, I did this 'cause I realized I'm fourth year. I'll be graduating soon and I'd be seeing all these people less. UNLESS I EXTEND which is 50% possible. We'll see. But as of now, I have a lot of work. Shucks.


ecner said...
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thetenniskid said...

hahahaha!! well, admit it... you did want to cut!

ecner said...

ehem ehem. you got me cutting my theo class twice in a row. and EHEM! i so did not want to cut.. ma-guilty nga kayo sa ginawa niyo ni pauline haha joooooke :)

Rafael Jacob said...

you really wanted to cut. AND maguilty ka nga... inalagaan kita sa drew's. wahahahaha. kidding.