Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sabaws 'R Us

Here are a few sabaw moments that are blog worthy. I wish I wasn't sabaw... NOT! Fun eh!

So we had lunch at world topps and we were on our way to starbucks when:

Annabelle: I think I'd want to join a musical workshop before auditioning for prods.
Bym: Same lang yun e!
Jay: (in a serious tone) Ano ba Annabelle, the best EXPERIENCE is TEACHER.
(after a few seconds)
Everyone: (laughs)
Annabelle: Sige I'll go to National muna... meet you guys in Starbucks.
(annabelle leaves)
Jay: Haha. Tanga ko, the best experience is teacher.
Bym: Oo nga, ano ba dapat? TEACHING?
(laughter from both)

During a Party:

Jay: Okay, pwede na magyosi bukas.
Lawrence: Oo nga, since DOT DOT DOT
Bym: Ano ung DOT DOT DOT
Jay: Gets mo naman yun e
Lawrence: Nagprepretend yan na 'di niya gets
Bym: 'Di ko gets and I don't want to get it
Jay: Cge, if you get it pero you're pretending not to get it, then crush mo si (insert name of person).
Bym: Ay KA-
(I think he was supposed to say kadiri until we saw that the person was a meter away from us)
Jay: Holy Shit!
Oli: Jay, pwede ka na mamatay. Ligawan mo na si (insert name of person).
Jay: I want to disappear right now.

So yeah, this is what you get from sabaw people like us. Hahahaha.

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