Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today's Agenda

Okay, I seriously do not know what I want to write right now. There are a lot of pent up emotions inside of me and they are all different. So which one should I express?! Okay, Lawrence told me happy thoughts dapat so whatever I write, I write.

I had my audition yesterday for a play. I'm not sure if it sucked or if it was good. I just want to assume it sucked so that I won't feel bad about myself. I also want to assume my dance audition did not have enough to catch the attention of the panelists. There.I can write so much more about this but I choose not to because I already said them a while ago (while smoking half a pack of cigarettes PLUS ONE... since someone only had EIGHT!). I need to let go of it and just accept it. It's just that my view of what I love has changed and that, I guess, is what sucks the most. They said it was a reality but I refused to believe it... but here it is. Great.

Over na ako kanina then lagi ko naaalala. I have to work with what is given. I just have to make sure I do it well. On another note, I'm not even sure if I'm going to start the the voice lessons since DOT DOT DOT

Agenda a while ago:
1) woke up at 8 then had breakfast
2) went to serendra at 12 to supposedly have lunch but we just looked at toys and had coffee (we ranted)
3) went to eastwood at 3 to watch a movie but ended up smoking and ranting 'til 7. tae kasi e.
4) had dinner then went home

galing galing (with clap). 'di pa naligo ako and ung isa diyan while doing the agenda (we were in the clothes we wore the day before).


ecner said...

eew jay bat hinde kayo naligo nung kasama mo?

thetenniskid said...

okay... just so you know, ikaw yung kasama ko na 'di naligo AND EIGHT cigarettes lang!