Thursday, October 11, 2007


Remember the time when you were still in grade school and the teacher would always give this speech about the lazy student and the hardworking student. Well, it was like one of those "If wala kang pencil, para kang sundalong pupunta sa giyera na walang baril." That just made me want to cover my ears because they always keep using the same analogy. Anyway, the anecdote I'm talking about is about how teachers prefer students who are not that bright but are hardworking than those students who have IQ's, higher than the average human, but do not really work for their grades. I used to think this was stupid because I was one of the lazy ones. Yes, I knew I could still pass and get high grades without having to work that hard. Woohoo!

Now, I get what that teacher said. I know people who do not have what it takes to do something and yet they strive and work very hard just to reach that goal. On the other hand, I also know people who have what it takes to be better and yet they do not act and became static people instead. I tried helping out people who didn't act on something and I secretly wished they would "improve." Who was I kidding?! I realized just recently that the people who really want the help are those who do not have the talent YET. There's this person I know. His family does not approve of the fact that he is in theatre and yet, he recently did a play because he really wanted to learn. I know he's not the best singer out there in the cast but what he did impressed me. He loved what he did and he went against the tide (parents/family) because he wanted it. These are the people who I really want to help to the point that I'll be the first one to feel bad if they do not succeed in their passion. What makes me feel better is when he tells me that he wants to be part of the next play. I really hope he does. Passion (it's not just wanting but actually going for it) always ranks higher than talent. I envy him because at such a young age, he did what he wanted and did not give in to what other people said. I wish I was like that... but yeah... no use crying over spilled milk.

I hope he becomes successful.

P.S. I suddenly felt insecure a while ago while singing. It did take some effort and a lot of convincing from my conscience to make me believe that I'm good. I'm good.

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