Monday, October 22, 2007

I wish I didn't assume

I wish I didn't assume that I had talent

I suck at singing. People who I thought were worse than me in singing got parts (or at least get to audition for them). I get to do ensemble (i'm not saying it's bad... I'm so ready to be prisoner number 47). I think I just thought I was good at singing. I wanna die...

I suck at acting. I'm stiff (my director told me). I don't get to deliver lines well, nabubulol ako. I don't have clarity. I hate this. I wanna die.

I suck at dancing. I never did this seriously. So great. I wanna die. But may chance pa sa dancing.

I don't wanna sing or act anymore. If I can dance my way to the top, I would. But I can't coz I don't know how to.

I wanna die. Untalented people don't deserve anything.

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