Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kleek meeting and Someone biting me

Tang ina. I kinda didnt feel the party last night. It was the newbies' party so yeah they can have fun. I felt old. We got there at around 1030pm so what to expect... no food. People were drunk and throwing shiznit at each other. At least the kleek was there so yeah, it's all good. kleeking it til we die. Oh and finally, my dawg and little sister somehow talked to each other. It's a start. Awww... start of them being on good terms again. I shall cross my fingers.

Newbies... some were wild, some were normal, some were sad, some were game for the dares, some bit oldies. I was once those things I said except for the biting part. Why did she have to bite me. Argh.

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