Thursday, December 08, 2005

striking a balance

The arts have enraptured my soul and I find it hard to escape it. Everywhere I go, music, literature, and the culinary arts keep on showing their heads to remind me that I have to have them. I need them. Without them, I will not be able to bring back the balance - the balance that has recently been lost. I have been concentrating too much on sports and I have just lost track of myself. That is why the arts are calling for me.

You see, these three things have been the contents of my mind and I am sure that this is a sign. Not really a reliable sign but at least there's the fact that I'm considering it. Recently, I have wanted to take these things seriously and actually be able to have a part of me involved in those things. And I'm not talking in the amateur sense of those words, I want to at least be in the intermediate level.

Anyway, I have been serious about music and that is really something. As I have said in my previous entries, I cannot commit to something for reasons that escape me. So wanting to either play the piano or the saxophone is a big leap for me. It's one of those moments that you have finally matured enough to find a path in life and have reasons to do things. You just don't do what you do because of the perks that you might get. Rather, you have the other reason for it which is love for what you do. When you love something, you will do anything to nurture it and make sure it does not escape you again. You want it to be part of you and when you are serious about these, you succeed. I want to play one of these instruments and treat is as a craft. Not just a hobby but a serious craft.

As for literature, I think I have said in the previous entry about this. The books in my shelf have inspired me to write a novel. However, I have no idea where the novel I started is going. It has no direction and I have no concrete/unique enough story to even continue it. I have given it until the end of this month to have some shape but if that does not happen then I will have to pull the plug. I will shift to creating children's literature which for me is closer to the heart. I am a kid at heart. Weeeeehhh, imbento.

Lastly, you have the gastronomic side in all of my artistic endeavors (okay, okay... future endeavors). It has been my passion to cook eversince. I love food and the flavors are just endless. At first you are afraid to taste something because it is out of your range. But when you grow up to have the courage to taste something new, you find something new that will challenge you again. I remember tasting my dad's lamb chops and hating it because it tasted like toothpaste (thanks to the green paste). But as I grew up, I got exposed to new things and eating lamb chops was not a challenge anymore. I found new things that I found odd in taste and then it becomes familiar in time. This is the time that you appreciate it. It is a cycle, just like it is with everything else. I will take lessons in cooking. I want to cook good food.

So with that, I can say that I just want to strike a balance. I want my body and soul to be equal. I do not like one overcoming the other. I guess I just want to believe that I have a sound mind in a sound body. That, I guess is the point of it all.

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