Thursday, December 22, 2005

pre-Christmas day

Christmas is near and I'm in a holiday cheer mood. Fine, even if my ym is not working, I still am in that mood where I want to go to the garden and throw styrofoam bits above my head just so I can pretend it is snowing. But then again, maybe I'll just imagine myself doing it. For the first time in so many months, I finally get to feel that indeed Christmas is near.

This is the season that you buy gifts for people you care for, that sometimes it hurts because you're buying something that you could be buying for yourself. But if you think about it, I guess that's the point of it all. You give something (it may just be something simple or something not-so-simple) because you want to show people that you care. Fine, you can show you care without giving anything but people need the affirmation. It is hard for people to grasp something that is not tangible and pretend that there is something even if there is not. I guess gifts symbolize the care of people and its tangibility strengthens that.

Christmas is the season where people get the opportunity to strengthen relationships. It's a universal thing that even if you try to get away from it, it just runs after you to spread the holiday cheer.

Shout outs to the following (thank you for the gifts):
Pangit loser - Pangit loser! You thought that gift was me? Well, it was. Haha. I'll wear it some time. Hehe. I'll keep in touch when you're already in Canada. By the way, i'll give my gift next year (it's your fault. hehe.).

Lemon girl - I agree. Everything was Illuminated when you became one of my bestfriends. Haha. I'm reading it this Christmas break. At last, I have it!! Ym still sucks by the way.

Mayonnaise (how obvious) - Hahaha. No pressure kaya. See, you were able to but something for me. I liked it. I read the first chapter and it's really funny. Practice ka nga mag-bowl so you won't be in last place next time. :D

Skitz - Cool nung gift! I find the picture very funny. Para akong tanga. Everytime I look at it, I realize that I was stupid enough to try to 'cross' that see-saw. And yes, I am still 'puzzled' by life and love but not the complex of math (genius eh! haha).

Damiana - I was in Chocnut heaven. Hahaha. I still owe you an eraser. Next year... I'll give it to you. The bet is still on. I'm really going to get DL this sem and if you get a D. Well... ummm... good for me? Hehe. Kidding.

Girlfriend - Aaaahhh! I still don't have a gift for you. I'm a bad boyfriend (actually, you're a mistress lang diba?). Hahahaha. Thanks for that mug/tumbler. I'm going to be drinking more coffee because of it. We haven't even gone out for our first date. How sad. Hahahaha.

Chain of fools - Chain! Sorry! Masarap yung cookies. Hahaha. I want more. Fine, it's not for people whom you haven't thought of giving gifts to. It's delicious-o. I'm munching on them right now. And it's decreasing by the minute. They'd be gone by Christmas.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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