Sunday, December 04, 2005

brain space

I need more brain space (it is not because I have a small brain). This I realized when lately I have forgotten things more often than usual. It’s like the only things that are retained in this mind of mine are those irrelevant ideas that will not save me when I am about to get killed because of I don’t know what. I have a brain with too much facts (okay… feeling) that it’s hard to retain new information. It’s not like the computer where ‘garbage in, garbage out’ is the main thing going on. It’s more of ‘garbage in, not-so-garbage out.’ That sucks right? I’m retaining useless information. Instead of knowing which cell is which, I have information such as who is the new team in the Justice League. Yuck, immature me kicking in.

Anyway, I just thought that I needed more brain space and I need it fast. Zoom. Ummm… okay, what was that for? Or maybe, I could turn into an elephant and have its memory. Then, I wouldn’t even be writing about wanting more brain space. I wish I was an elephant. Not really. I can’t make up my mind. This is a useless entry. I had a lot to write about a while ago but I lost most of them. See, what I’m saying is true. This blog has its purposes.

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