Thursday, December 08, 2005

escaping reality

I was walking a while ago and as usual, I was thinking about a lot of things. I might have looked like some weirdo on the street because I was thinking and truth be told, I do not know what I look like when I am thinking. But I don't think I'm drooling or making funny faces. Well, I might talk to myself at times and that is not because I'm crazy. It just so happens that I got used to it because people playing tennis (I'm one of them) do it to psych themselves up. Anyway, walking just gives me that feeling of freedom - that feeling that time is at a standstill and you could just be alone by yourself and nothing will bother you. You can say it's a bit of an escape from reality. And for me, that's good. With everything that has been going on, I need a little time off from this reality and just relax my mind (now i know why I have white hair at my age).

Actually, I try to find lots of ways to escape from reality. I walk and think, read my novels, sing (and hope to play an instrument while doing that), and then write. The thing is, I have this 'mini-library' at home with all the books I bought (and some that were given to me; I have 63 now... 37 more to go to reach my goal) and everytime I look at it, I just wish I had my own novel. I tried to continue with my novel and as usual, that irritating writer's block would creep in into me. That is the time that I just stare at the computer and hope for anything to come. Well obviously, nothing really went into my mind. To think I was even asking for more brain space when it seems that ideas are at an all-time low. So, novel status: 1%. In other words, I have got two measly pages which are not yet even edited. If I don't get it done by this month, I am really switching to writing children's literature and be the next Rowling, Colfer, or Snicket (not his real name).

I went to the bookstore a while ago and saw that the book that I wanted to buy was going to be turned into a movie. Oh crap... That is just great. There is one thing you need to know. I hate it if my books are turned into movies. Fine, they can be turned into movies but I have to read them first. I will buy Foer's Everything is Illuminated once I finish Murakami.

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