Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I thought I didn’t know you, knowing for a fact that you were unpredictable in the past. You never gave much about yourself and that was the mystery that enveloped your very existence. It was you in your worst form and you in your best form. Nobody knew which was the real you, but still you stayed in that form. For you, what you thought of yourself was the most important notion of all. You stood against the tides of mankind’s social constructs and you endured its each and every blow. Congratulations to you my friend, because for this I salute you.

I thought I didn’t know you, knowing for a fact that you had issues within yourself. These are the issues of life that every person of this earth has to engage in everyday. You are normal beyond the eccentricities you think you have. Yes, in a world where people all have certain eccentricities, it is the eccentricities that make people normal. You are normal in every way possible and for this, you have made feel unique.

I thought I didn’t know you, knowing for a fact that I have hated you in the past. I hated you because you were honest. Your honesty has pierced every bit of my soul and it made me realize a lot of things that I have never dreamed of realizing. The realizations that I will be carrying until I become one with the earth is something that will stay true. You have given me depth because of this honesty of yours, and for that I owe you the essence of my soul.

I thought I didn’t know you, knowing for a fact that you are my friend. You are my friend in every aspect of that word – the person who you care for even with the person’s faults. I guess I never knew you were a real friend to me, even if you were. But that is my mistake, I have changed now. You are a good friend. What I think is all that matters, and that is something I have learned from you.

I thought I didn’t know you… that is what I thought. I have known myself more because of pondering over your character, realizing that you are me. You are me in both our similarities and differences. That is just funny. All the while I thought I did not know you, but in the end, it was me whom I did not know in the start.

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