Sunday, December 17, 2006

updates from my world

school: Can you please end now? I promise to do better after the Christmas break ends.

theatre: My current production is about to end and that means that I would be idle for a month before my next audition. Woohoo. It's been a tiring production but I have to give it to them for giving me experience. I got half of my payment. First paycheck... woohoo! Anyway, being in seperate productions, the Bobets Crew have realized they are attached with each other.

friends: I haven't been hanging out with some of them but I have been constantly hanging out with the Bobets. The Bobets rock! I'm gonna miss them during the Christmas break which means that we hafta go out during that break (Christmas dinner). We watched a TA play last night and we hated and liked it at the same time. It was good but it was too long. Haha. Anyway, the Ateneo is so beautiful at night.

The loser is back from Canada. David just called me the other day to tell me he's back. Yey! It would already be cool to hang out even just for one day since we're kinda busy. Woohoo!

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