Wednesday, January 31, 2007

finally... a reflection

Okay, so where am I right now? Ummm... well I'm in the CTC computer lab and I just realized where that twisted feeling was coming from. It was from being able to see that I haven't spent enough time with my old friends and weirdly enough, my new friends too. I don't why... but I just felt like my growth in terms of relationships have become stunted and it is only recently that I have felt it. I told Oli about it and I guess it's true. I haven't maintained my friendships and that kinda sucks. I guess it's only during these past few days that I actually had time to think about what has happened.

I don't think my bestfriend is my bestfriend anymore after I ditched him the last time he visited. Then, I haven't actually talked with the comtech peeps that much and at times, some of them irritate me. I can't believe I'm saying this. The only good thing is that I just had the best dinner/inuman with some bio friends (Ann, Annie, Issa, Karen, Berto, Iggy). It was such a fun night. Although technically, only karen, iggy, and i got drunk. perfect!

Oh yeah! I'm still an alcoholic. Hopeless case my dear readers.

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