Friday, January 19, 2007

on a campaign towards goodness

I know that people hate on others because of jealousy among other things. Although based on my recent experiences with people, I have been seeing so much envy. Also, I have to admit that this applies to me as well. Even if I try my hardest to make myself an optimistic, non-envious, genuinely good, and plain simple person, I end up being the opposite. I realized it's because I am exposed to so much jealousy and hate in school.

People are very competitive and I am not talking mainly about academics. I am talking about competing in terms of the different aspects of a person. They start to degrade you just so that they will feel better about themselves. Although sometimes, it might be the truth. But believe me when I say that they are not backstabbing/hating on people to set the truth free. They have alterior motives to their actions.

People should stop hating. It would be a much better place if that is the case. I suddenly remember this friend of mine who I always believed was too nice. He always found goodness in a person. Now, I realize that he was not too nice. He was plain nice. It just so happened that I compared him to the standards of this world... which is being mean. Change is all I need. I can do this. PERFECT!

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