Saturday, January 13, 2007

faster than the Flash

Let's see...

This week has been a week of fast events. These events have been totally unexpected but at least they worked out for me. I knew it, having a positive outlook in life attracts positive energy.

So, I was asked to stage manage for HSM, and I accepted after two days from when I got the invite. Then I quit after two days from when I started. So now, I'm assisting them in the production, but I would be front on house na on show day itself. Woohoo! I think that's better 'coz I get to watch the play. Yey!

But the best thing is that I've got a new real friend. We never talked at all before and somehow, we just connected on that afternoon when she decided to sit in front of me. And now, we talk everyday when we see each other, philo class, and ym. But take note, we never did small talk. We just went straight into the deep and personal stuff. She's fantastic. A cool friend indeed.:D

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