Thursday, November 15, 2007

wall climbing and stuff

I wall climbed with Karen, Iea, Mica, and Iggy a while ago. Svet was there to look at us and LAUGH AT ME. So I was able to do the other ones until I got to this part where the wall was slanted and the rocks did not have those holes for the hands. So yeah thanks for my aching arms. I also tried to do the super hard one and watch me let go of the wall and swing like a monkey in mid-air. Thanks to Iggy, who did not want to baley me down, for letting me hang there for a longer time than usual. Dang. Hahaha. It was fun. Next week again hopefully. Yehey!

I also had a meeting for caroling which I wanted to leave because it was in the org room. Watch me squirm in the room which I dread the most. Remember: I want to dissociate myself from the org but not my friends namely the Kleek and a few certain people (i shall not mention people because some peeps might get jealous). Anyway, I had a meeting for the bio sportsfest after ditching the caroling (sorry oli, i'm helping... promise!). I was suggesting stupid games for the sportsfest but I don't care. Nyahaha.

I had dinner with Pam and Iggy after at Max's then Starbucks. We were just talking about tv shows, med school, and KAMOTE. sabaw! It was fun though. To med school people... here we go... ohyeh!

P.S. My arms can't feel a thing right now. Thanks wall climbing. Yey!

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