Saturday, November 17, 2007

stumbling on insights

I was browsing through the different channels on my boob tube and came upon 'devil wears prada' on hbo. I just find that this movie has a lot of insights and up to now, I still get insights from it.

Anyway, I got four different invitations to go to the shindig today but I had decline all of them (there was a point i wanted to go, but then realized i didn't). If this was a year ago, I would have said yes and just go for it and get myself drunk in a public place until unfortunate events start happening to me. Well, that was a year ago and now, I think it's really different. I'm not into the events/party thing anymore. All you do there is show up and hope that a lot of people see you because that's the main reason for these parties. YOU HAVE TO BE SEEN! It's all about superficiality.

Another insight I got was somewhat related to my career. I started college knowing that I'd go into med school. Then, I enter an org and I started rethinking my steps. For a moment, I wanted to give up medicine forever to the point that I even hated my own course. And now, it seems as if everything is starting to make sense. If you watched the movie, the girl started her job wanting it for experience until she gets sucked into the little community of superficiality and her whole life starts crumbling. I feel like I'm experiencing the same thing. Ever since I got into theatre, my grades have been suffering and I have lost some friends (although I also gained some) because i was too busy or because my expectations of people have gone up or maybe because I lost the ability to trust. There was this constant drive to excel and be the top (not bad if it didn't hurt others).

Oh well, I'm out of that now and it's time to move on. I need to mend some past mistakes and focus on this "new" career. I was so caught up in that world and i forgot to anchor myself. The movie showed how true happiness can be found when one starts to be who he is. I am who i am and sometimes I am tempted to be someone else. There are times I succumb to it and there are times I don't. But, the most important thing, as it is in life, is the ability to shake yourself up and make sure you are still grounded.

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