Thursday, November 15, 2007

time to move on

Finally, I have reached a final decision. The past few years/months/days, I have always been debating whether to pursue theatre or pursue medicine. I've written so many entries about the clash between arts and medicine and I have even used it to discuss certain topics in Philosophy classes. And now, I know what I want. I can't help but smile whenever I think of the fact that I'm decided. I want to be a doctor and I will do whatever it takes to reach that. Wow, I'm actually decided. I can't friggin' believe this.

I was talking to my friends and I realized I wanted to be with my biology friends. I will really die if i see them as doctors while I scavenge for rackets in hopes of surviving. At the start, I did not want it at all but now I do. I've been finishing all my application forms because I'm passing them on the DEADLINE... not all of them but at least a good number. I'm so ready for med school. Time to party friends! Kidding! You promised I'd be your anesthesiologist. I better be that person, you fools! I'm fun. Wahahaha!:p

If you're wondering if I will still be active in my org (which I shall not name), I will be but not as active as before. I realized that I have to let go of it and the only thing important for me in that org were certain people (a few I should say) who I consider real friends. Let's scrap competition and being plastic. I can finally be myself and enjoy being me without having to wander in that world. Theatre has taught me a lot of things which I would not be able to learn if I was not immersed in that world. I really appreciate being in that org but there are time we just need to let go. I know I will miss it but this time, it has to be goodbye.

There are always opportunities for that and it may not be exactly in theatre form but it's still singing or performing. Hehe.

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