Monday, May 14, 2007

of goals and disappointments

So you've heard... or maybe not. I got into this play I auditioned for (no no no... not that friggin' TA play... i'm talking about the bluerep one). It's really fun since I got a role that I wanted and hey, i'm going to be in my element. So there... I'm happy. But even if I know I deserve this since (as trisha says) they haven't really seen my potential, I still feel like I just got it out of a technicality. I know we have the same style but he obviously has better skills.

Basta, I would have been okay with it if the artistic team didn't consider looking for people outside bluerep (since they think no one can do mitch). Or if ever they did, they shouldn't have let me do mitch's part na. So why did they even let me learn the song? Tae sila. If they think he deserves it more, then fine get him. I just don't want them suddenly feeling like they should have gotten him when we're already in the middle of the production. Damnit... I suddenly don't feel like I'm the ultimate choice anymore. Kasi naman e... how subtle can you get. If you tell the core about it, malamang I would know. Tae. I'm just really frustrated.

My past entry was about doing things with a smile pa naman. I have to do this with a smile. Hell, my castmates are great maybe except for one but you know what I mean. Step it up! Yeaboi!

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