Monday, July 24, 2006

stepping it up

Some people really take it hard when they fail. I am one of these people. For almost all my life, I have succeeded in almost everything I went to. By that, I mean everything that I was actually passionate about. But when college came, everything changed. I have failed in a lot of long tests to the point that I have become numb about it. Then as for the varsity teams, I haven’t been as successful as I was used to. Was I losing my competitive edge? Was I becoming… uhhh… normal?

Fortunately, I have been succeeding in the musical aspect of my life. I never took that aspect of my life seriously because I was not confident about it. I was so embrassed to sing in front of people. But after two auditions (ACGC and Bluerep), I think I’ve got it. I quit the ACGC because I was not into the music they were singing. Then a year after, I got into Bluerep. I feel that my voice is more stable and it’s time. I’ll show everyone that I am not a quitter.

Auditions are on Wednesday. I feel like I want to throw up every time I think about it. Waaaah… it’s make or break time. I need to step it up.

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