Wednesday, May 24, 2006

on new friends

Is it even appropriate to still try to remedy something that you know will not really be the same? Personally, I think not. It is just like trying to glue a broken popsicle stick but when you try to use it, you realize it will just break easily. So, you decide to just get another popsicle stick that is sturdier. Yes, you might say that this analogy for friendship just sucks but I do have a point.

There's a point in time where you have to move on. It's like there's this line that connects two relationship periods and there are some people from the past period that will overlap into the next period. These people will still be your friends in addition to the new ones. I guess there's always a moving on factor anywhere. It's hard to explain. And now, I'm part of something that I know I have been a part of eversince.

The bottomline is I still love my first period friends, for lack of a better term (you know who you are) and my biology friends. I hope we're still together until Med school (wherever that will be). :)

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