Tuesday, May 23, 2006

eco field trip

Okay, so I just got back from my field trip with the other Biology majors and it really was fun. Actually, the whole thing started with the Friday night movie with Issa, Annie, Ann, and Jordan. Unfortunately, Karen could not come so there was one extra ticket. Anyway, we headed for Ann's house after that and waited for about 2 hours there and I even tried ironing my hair because I was just bangag. Then we headed for Annie's condo and I think I was able to sleep for about thirty minutes so that's just great.

We headed to school and we found out that the vans would be arriving late. Okay we were supposed to leave at 4am but ended up leaving at 6am. I rode with Gel since it was already full in the vans and we just sang our hearts out with boy band songs. This made us realize that we were actually pop by heart but still r&b/hiphop lovers all the way. Okay, before anything else I just wanna say that Manong Jun is the fastest driver I have ever known. Anyway, we got to the site after about 3-44 hours and we started looking for our cottage which was supposed to fit 20 people. We had so many food in our cottage because everyone brought food. It was like we can survive for a week in the beach.

Then, Gel made some drinks for us and we started drinking even if it was just 12pm. We had to do the transects and other required exercises before doing anything else (what's the use of the trip if we didn't do the exercises right?!). So after that, Gel and I decided to have a race and drink everything in the cooler. Ann joined us too. Woohoo. Okay, we kinda did a music video of ByeByeBye and it was just funny really. After finishing the drinks, we just continued on with the party and danced the afternoon until night away. We also had a bonfire which was fun. We won. Woohoo!

Then that night, Karen, Issa, Berto, and I decided to walk to the end of the beach (by that I mean away from the shore). It was low tide anyway so the water was not that deep. We saw so many creatures and it was scary because there were so many sea urchins. Karen was funny because he was afraid of a lot of things. So we then decided that we better get some aqua shoes to protect our feet. We went back to teh shore and we went back to the middle of the sea. We got as far as the breakwater. And we just found so many creatures.

We got back again and the four of us decided that we were not going to sleep. We were on folding beds that we layed down on the shore. So we were just there talking and trying to make ourselves awake. The deal was that if everyone sees a falling star then everyone can sleep na. I did see one and my wish came true (I passed my eco LT). Anyway since I haven't slept for almost two days I decided to sleep at around four. I woke up at 5:30 because my folding bed got destroyed. So umm... great.

We went to the mangroves after. I just want to say that it was full of garbage. Ahhh... I hated it. We went back and Iggy, Berto, Gel B., and I decided to go to the coral reef which our teacher said was about 250 metres away. We only had goggles on so it was harder. But we didn't care. We still went on. It was just amazing. I wish I could have taken pictures of it. If only I had a waterprrof camera. Next time.

We went home and we still sang boyband song in Gel's car. Okay... we are just pop people. So there, it was fun and I seriously had a blast. Actually, I like my bio batchmates. They're fun. I hope there's a batch party soon.

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