Saturday, May 13, 2006


Feeling at home with people takes time. It does not just come with one snap of a finger. Usually, it starts out with people who you would not imagine being together because of the clashing personalities of different individuals. It starts with two people, which turns into three then four which then goes to five and follows through to six and ends at seven. This, I think, is what happened.

Each individual had different friends at the start but as time passed, they met each other. There were times when some of them did not like the other individuals for petty reasons. There were also times when these people never imagined they would hang out with the other people in the group. The funny thing about all this is that it all worked out in the end. Indeed, there will be times when petty problems will be encountered, but these things will not last. This is the perfect group. It’s a combination of individuals coming from different backgrounds. But fate has pulled the strings to make these people meet at one point. And then somehow, they spend time together (during lunch) and realize they have a connection and that is all it took. It's a myriad of personalities and talents (from music, sports, fashion, academics and entertainment). These are the people whom I know will always be my friends.

I think I have found it. Erase that. I have found it. Just perfect.

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