Friday, June 02, 2006

three straight days

Okay, I've had three straight days of inuman sessions with people and I like it. The first was when two friends of mine were bored enough to stay in the parking lot for 30 minutes. They did not have anything to do so they texted me. I'm like the guy you text and 99.9% of the time, I'm game. It was last Tuesday and I had and exam the next day. But I really didn't care. This is not me being irrespnsible. It just so happens that I'm confident about my exam for the next day. Anyway, they picked me up and we decided to eat at Gerry's in greenhills. Niggaboy then proposed that we try the beer tower. So we did. Haha. Mayonnaise was pretending to stop us but she drank anyway. We finished three liters of beer. Woohoo. We went to the KTV after because we wanted to sing. Wahahaha. I danced and Niggaboy has a video of it. Great. It was fun. I did well on my exam by the way.

The next was Wednesday when my friend G invited us to embassy. I was with the Bio peeps and it sure was fun. There were 12 of us. Everyone looked good. We started at around 1030 by going to M cafe and started drinking. It's funny when you see people getting drunk in their first drink. Haha. We headed for Embassy after and we just dranked and danced the night away. We ate at cafeteria after and we headed home. I got home at 5am so I went straight to sleep.

I woke up at 1pm and Hokhok texted about going out. So I texted Niggaboy and asked if he was going. It seemed he was. He was gonna pick me up in 10 minutes. So I rushed. Wahaha. We headed for Mayonnaise's house to pick her up. We headed for Xavier, then Ateneo, then Enderun. Waaahh... I'm envious. I wanna study in Enderun. Oh well... We headed for E-lanes after to meet with Hokhok, Damiana, and Ozne. We had a team battle and Niggaboy, Mayonnaise and I lost to them. Oh well. We headed for Dulcinea after to eat. I like the churros. Then, we played in the arcade. That was really fun. Haha. After that something funny happened with Ozne. Bwahahaha.

We were supposed to go home but it was too early. So Niggaboy, Mayonnaise and I decided to head for Moomba. We had a few drinks but I wanted more. Wahaha. Okay I think we all felt buzzed. But I was more buzzed than them. Great. I lost my wallet in the process. That sucks. We went home and I had fun. :) Can't wait for next week. Hehe.

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