Sunday, April 16, 2006

the missing

I’ve thought about it and realized something. Is it a given that when we do not see someone for a long time, we instantly miss that person? What I have realized is that it never really was a given. Usually, when we see someone for the first time after a long period of time, we blurt out the words, “I missed you,” just because it’s what most people say. It’s like saying good morning to someone who you see in the morning. But the thing is, even if the morning was as bad as a big fat F on your report card, you would still greet that person because it is what we are used to. Just like that, we say “I missed you” for the sake of it. Then we wait for that person to say the same and then we wait. We wait for some topic to pop into our minds to make our (“I missed you”) words seem credible.

At the end of the day, we do not miss everyone who we have not seen for a long time. We only miss those who make us feel empty once we do not see them. Those are the people that we long for to keep us company. They are those that give us a sense of nostalgia when we look at the pictures that show the times we had with them. They are those whom we know that makes our lives different when they are not there. And they are those who we need to constantly talk to just so we can lessen that feeling of longing. Some people I miss and some I do not. For those I do not, maybe they were just people who were there and never really made me any different. Without those people, my life would still be the same. And for those I miss, they are the ones who made a difference in my life. I know that without them, the life I am living would change radically.


joysie said...

some people say i missed you because they really mean it. some say it because there's nothing else to say... and some say it because it makes up for everything that's better left unsaid.
makes sense? haha im not sure...
nice entry, anyway. =)

thetenniskid said...

haha thanks. yeah, some people mean it but some do it just for the sake of it.