Tuesday, April 11, 2006

to that kid on the street corner

To that kid on the street corner
I tell you now that there’s no use
To crying and dwelling on
What is now the past
It will eat you up and everything
That was meant to make you a better
Person will make you much worse
So I tell you now,
You kid on that street corner
Stand up and play that tune
Start over

To that kid on the street corner
Thank you for the inspiration
Start over


mandee said...

okay. this one mas gets ko na, and i like it! para syang song eh.. hehe ayun! seriously jay! u can make a song out of it!!!

thetenniskid said...

hahaha... yes i'm a poet. but it's like basketball. even if i might have some sort of talent in it... i don't like it that much. hahaha.